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Phil Black

Way to go Team Synplicity! I know how hard you have worked on this. Congrats.


So will we finally get a mac version?
I'm kinda disappointd by all sync software:
1) dropbox is fast, and works on win+mac, but doesn't allow for multiple folders
2) syncplicity is very nice on windows, but there's no mac version
3) spideroak does both, but the interface is aweful, and the implementation is backup-oriented


Why only business?

I'm rather disappointed that new features are only available on the Business Edition of S. As one of the S. Pioneer customers I find it hard to see that personal customers are apparently not important to serve anymore...

That really is a bad way to go, S. team!



I have a free Google Apps Account but I am able to upload any file from within Google Docs. Applies this restriction only if you’re accessing Google via API?

Leonard Chung

@Andreas - that's correct. Google is restricting the upload of any file via 3rd party applications to Google Apps Premier customers currently. However, any Google Apps or Google Docs customer can upload single files at a time directly via the Google Docs website.

Google's blog talks more about this new functionality and about who has access to what: http://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/2010/01/store-and-share-files-in-cloud-with.html

Leonard Chung

@Hans: This functionality is available to all users of Syncplicity, including Personal Edition users. However, the upload any file functionality is available only to Google Apps Premier customers due to a Google restriction.


OSX Version please - I think you have a disproportionate number of Macs users adopting cloud based computing.

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