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Ransomware protection and recovery

Ransomware protection and recovery in healthcare

Hospitals are one of the most vulnerable institutions to ransomware attacks because of the services they provide, as they can’t sustain significant periods of...

Goodbye, my friend, but thank goodness for Syncplicity

Let me just preface my story with “this might be weird.”  This weekend, I was cleaning my office and I accidentally knocked over a...
File sharing and content collaboration in healthcare

File sharing and content collaboration in healthcare

I love research. It’s just part of my DNA – seeing answers to questions, solving riddles, unlocking meaning.  So, here – at Axway –...
managing Syncplicity with Alexa

Managing Syncplicity with Alexa, Part 1

I love APIs. Now, I’m no developer, but I’ve worked in pre-sales engineering long enough to pick up some basic scripting, so I appreciate...
External Sharing and Collaboration Made Easy with Syncplicity

External Sharing and Collaboration Made Easy with Syncplicity

No matter your role, whether you’re in sales or human resources, external sharing and collaboration is a component of your work. In some cases,...
The Future of IT: What does it look like?

The Future of IT: What does it look like and how do you prepare...

The topic of bots, automation and AI as a key instrument in innovative workplace technology has been growing more prevalent among today's IT executives....
Art of the possible. Solving online education challenges with Syncplicity

Art of the possible. Solving online education challenges with Syncplicity

By Ravee Chintha & Andrea Oddo John Sculley, ex-CEO of Apple once said, “You can build great product, but you have to convince that...
FutureIT Boston

Meet Syncplicity at FutureIT Boston

What’s right around the corner? The FutureIT in Boston, MA (IDG) is a one-day event that is designed to help organizations establish a digital-first...

Search and Metadata Tagging—Locating and Adding Context to your Content

Syncplicity Search & Tagging Global data is expected to grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175ZB by 2025. As data and unstructured content...
unstructured data

Unstructured data: Get the facts!

Data breaches are not a new topic these days. However, there is a sneaky side of data that poses a major risk to data...
content collaboration webinar

Content Collaboration: Connecting your files and business applications to drive digital transformation

Syncplicity by Axway brings many benefits to the organization to help drive digital transformation. In this webinar “Content Collaboration: Connecting Files and Business Applications...
content collaboration platform

A visionary file sharing platform—Syncplicity by Axway

At Syncplicity by Axway, we are fortunate to have amazing and visionary customers. Today, we work with many companies and global leaders that are...

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