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File locking and unlocking in Syncplicity

File locking and unlocking now available in Syncplicity

Working collaboratively on documents has now gotten easier, with users able to lock documents to avoid their changes from being overwritten by others. The need...

New experience for Syncplicity for Mac

If you’re already a Syncplicity user, then you know that the Syncplicity desktop application allows you to share, collaborate, and sync files right from...

Beyond basic–customized content experiences

When it comes to basic file sharing and collaboration tools, they support multiple use cases within a business. This entails collaborating with colleagues internally...
accessing Syncplicity content files with Alexa

Accessing Syncplicity content with Alexa, Part 1

After my success with creating an Alexa skill to call Syncplicity’s administration APIs, I decided to revisit my original goal of accessing Syncplicity content...
Content Collaboration Platforms

Why you should not DIY your own file exchange platform

It is something that I noticed in the last three years of my long life at Syncplicity: Customers want to integrate the Syncplicity Content Collaboration...
How Syncplicity saved my Halloween iMovie video

How Syncplicity saved my Halloween iMovie video project

This weekend, I was preparing some digital decorations for Halloween. A projector and a monitor hidden behind a courtyard window are simple ways to...
Syncplicity APIs

Using Syncplicity APIs–providing a number of REST APIs to extend the solution

Syncplicity customers have long used the Web UI, desktop application and mobile applications to work with their files and share internally and externally. But...
Syncplicity with Alexa

Managing Syncplicity with Alexa, Part 2

My first attempt at managing Syncplicity with Alexa Skill, while rather crude, it was a success in dipping my toe into the waters of...
Syncplicity Rights Management

Protecting sensitive content—Syncplicity Rights Management

Companies collaborating with, handling, and sharing sensitive content need to ensure that content is not only protected but also secure from unauthorized access. More...
Syncplicity mobile app for Android

New release: Syncplicity mobile app for Android (version 4.8)

As part of the regular Syncplicity releases, we are excited to announce the release of a new version of the Syncplicity mobile app for...

The future of sharing…is protected

It seems simple, sharing files. But it's important to note it’s been established that it’s not as simple as we’d like it to be....
Ransomware protection and recovery

Ransomware protection and recovery in healthcare

Hospitals are one of the most vulnerable institutions to ransomware attacks because of the services they provide, as they can’t sustain significant periods of...

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