Future of filesharing insights from Jeetu Patel

Syncplicity by Axway mobile
Syncplicity by Axway mobile

In a live Twitter interview, Jeetu Patel (@jpatel41), general manager of Syncplicity by Axway, joined Jeff Schultz (@syncplicity), head of marketing, to discuss the future of file sharing and the changing nature of enterprise software. If you missed the exchange, we captured the filesharing insights and highlights for you below.

Filesharing insights

How is SaaS Transforming IT?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is transforming IT because IT can expand usage as users adopt, and shorten the time from purchase to value. They don’t have to worry about systems management, scaling hardware as users adopt, etc. and it means vendors can’t rest on their laurels! We need to keep innovating quickly.  

What challenges does that present to IT?

The main challenge for IT is to select services that their users will love and protect corporate data, even in the cloud. SaaS application for business must be built from the ground up with enterprise-grade security, controls, and admin tools. Our customers want the option to have storage on-premise and they love the benefits that come from both Isilon and Atmos. It gives them the best of all worlds – frictionless user experience and enterprise-grade compliance.

What is driving enterprises to consider file sync and sharing solutions?

At the basic level, users want a Dropbox for the Enterprise. IT is looking for ways to support user choice, both for these apps as well as devices, #BYOD.

What does the future hold for #Syncplicity by Axway and #SaaS in the enterprise?

Despite all the noise in the market, we are at the beginning of a major shift with how users work and collaborate and how IT supports them. We’re delivering compelling new user and IT features on a monthly release cadence and going to market integrated with technologies & infrastructure that enterprises require, & ability to provide support on a global scale. Recent releases include Windows 8 Phone App and Microsoft Surface App, new audit and usage reports, and our on-premise option with Enterprise Edition.

Stay tuned for our next Twitter interview!

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