Syncplicity by Axway releases European Cloud Storage

European Cloud Storage
European Cloud Storage

April 2016 was an exciting month for the privacy community! Legislators in Europe up-voted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), down-voted EU-US Privacy Shield and wait for it… Syncplicity by Axway quietly launched European Cloud Storage!

European Cloud Storage

Syncplicity by Axway is excited to announce the general availability of European Cloud Storage. This enables Syncplicity by Axway users to choose the physical location of their cloud file storage. This meets regional privacy and data sovereignty concerns. With a single click, customers define their preferred cloud storage region and enterprise admins can configure multiple storage locations for their global user-base.

Data Sovereignty has become increasingly important amidst the wake of Safe Harbor. Companies need cloud solutions that enable them to maintain the highest levels of visibility and control over their data. While data regulators have rejected the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, global enterprises must ensure they remain in compliance with regional privacy laws. This helps to protect employee personal information and preserve the confidentiality of valuable corporate intellectual property.

Syncplicity by Axway enterprise customers has always had a choice for their storage region with hybrid cloud StorageVaults. And our new European Cloud Storage option provides additional capability to scale quickly and meet global information governance requirements.

A first for the EFSS market

Syncplicity’s model is unique in providing a “single pane of glass” end-user experience. This provides maximum visibility and control for IT to choose the right storage location, based on national sovereignty, data sensitivity and other business logic.

Within a single enterprise account, admins can define multiple storage policies for their global deployments. This leverages on-premises storage, private cloud and Syncplicity by Axway’s cloud storage within a single seamless user experience. Folders and files can be securely shared globally while maintaining control of where the data is stored and who owns the content.

End-users are able to access data in multiple storage locations and access shares from multiple companies, with a single log-in. Similar offerings in the market require end-users to create multiple unique accounts for each storage location, which results in account sprawl, a broken user-experience and a nightmare for IT governance.

In contrast to Syncplicity by Axway, cloud-only EFSS providers do not offer the flexibility to use a private cloud, public cloud and on-premises storage within a single account. With popular cloud-only solutions, enterprises are forced to move all of their data to a multi-tenant public cloud for storage and processing. This opens the potential for data leakage and breach of confidentiality. Learn all about 7 strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution.

Enabling global and mid-size enterprises to adopt the cloud

Syncplicity’s data governance model is especially appealing to large enterprises with business operations and employees located around the globe. Mid-sized enterprises that do not have the resources to manage a hybrid cloud are excited to have a regional cloud storage layer that allows them to rapidly deploy and scale.

While model clauses and binding corporate rules provide the legal framework for meeting European Data Privacy Regulations, Syncplicity by Axway’s Hybrid Cloud and EU Cloud Storage provides customers the highest level of control over the physical and logical security of their data.

More information

The feature is generally available and included with personal, business and enterprise edition. Additional details on how to configure EU Cloud Storage for your account are available here.

Looking forward

We have consistently led the EFSS market in offering true security and privacy controls. We are now excited to add EU Cloud Storage as the latest component in our architecture. Combined with our policy-driven hybrid cloud, group-based security policies, integrated rights management and zero-content-knowledge StorageVault Authentication, EU Cloud Storage is an integral part of a multi-layered approach to data governance, privacy and security.

We have many more exciting enhancements on our roadmap. We look forward to keeping you updated!

Learn more about secure file sharing and content collaboration for users, IT and security here.


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