Syncplicity’s mobile-savvy leaders take the Go Lite Challenge

Go Lite Challenge Syncplicity
Go Lite Challenge Syncplicity

This month, mobile-savvy leaders will see just how lite they can get with our Go Lite Challenge Syncplicity by Axway for 30 days.

Here’s what it’s all about: we’ve been walking, talking and living mobile for a long time but desktops and laptops are still weighing us down. At Syncplicity by Axway, we’ve built our new mobile apps with the mobile user in mind. Our transformational UX helps you work smarter, more collaboratively and faster.  From every touch to every click, we’ve optimized our apps and redesigned our workflows just for mobile.

Go Lite Challenge Syncplicity

Our new mobile apps have inspired us to take the ultimate test – leave old technologies behind, ditch our desktop and close our laptops and Go Lite.  Of course, there is a time and place for laptops and they are still allowed, but we are challenging our team to see how “lite” they can go for 30 days.  From photos to documents, tweets to iTunes, we’re going to use our mobile devices for everything we possibly can to see how it changes our productivity, interactivity and company culture — and we’ll be documenting the challenge on social media every step of the way!

We are ready to leave old technology behind, and ditch our desktop and close our laptops. For the next four weeks, we are going to see how mobile we can get! You can track the team’s success and hold us to task on social media: Twitter and Facebook.

To learn more about our new mobile apps, the inspiration behind our Go Lite Challenge, read Beauty and Brains: The New Syncplicity by Axway Mobile Apps

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