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Leader in Forrester Wave
Leader in Forrester Wave

Change happens. Especially when it comes to employees.  That’s why deploying enterprise sync and share at scale requires robust identity management capabilities, and these capabilities need to work with your existing security and IT infrastructure. With that in mind, we are announcing our latest partnership with Okta, one of the market leaders in SaaS Identity Management.

As the Sync and Share solution for the Enterprise, these are the types of challenges that Syncplicity by Axway helps solve for companies worldwide. As the number of users increases, Identity Management becomes increasingly more critical. That is why we have partnered with market leaders in Identity Management. Learn about the seven strategic guidelines for effective EFSS solution.

Identity Management

Our latest partnership is with Okta, one of the market leaders in SaaS Identity Management. We have worked with Okta to provide our customers with a free integration that connects Syncplicity by Axway to Active Directory and LDAP. Okta makes it easy for IT to manage user accounts with account provisioning, de-provisioning and delegated Single Sign-On via SAML.  

With Okta, additions, removals, and changes to user accounts made in centralized company directories like Active Directory are synchronized with Syncplicity by Axway.  This makes turning off a user account and remotely wiping data from that user’s devices as automatic and universal as turning off access to an intranet site. When an employee leaves and their Active Directory user account is deleted, their corresponding Syncplicity by Axway account can be deleted and any corporate data on the employee’s devices will be remote wiped – automatically. 

It’s Free and Simple (Syncplicity by Axway + Okta)
Okta is offering Syncplicity by Axway customers a free solution for connecting directly to Active Directory making user management seamless and secure.  Okta connects Syncplicity by Axway to Active Directory and LDAP making account administration easy and secure. 

  • Provision and de-provision users
  • Deactivate / delete accounts
  • Roll out Syncplicity in phases to groups of users
  • Map Syncplicity by Axway account provisioning to Active Directory groups to make it easier to manage licensing and resources.

It’s Easy to Get Started
Set up a free account today with Okta at Once you have your account, you simply provide it with a Syncplicity by Axway application key and complete a  simple configuration process.

Learn more about the seven strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution.


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