Offer Extended: Syncplicity for Remote Work at No Cost

remote work offer
remote work offer

It has been four weeks since we announced our remote work offer. It was designed to help our customers and other organizations during this challenging time. Many global organizations have had to transition from offices to working from home in record time. I have a lot of empathy–in fact, Axway does–for those making this change. They are not only changing how they work; many people are doing it along with other members in their household. And if they have school-age children, there is homeschooling. These are significant changes. Read more about sharing and collaborating for remote Syncplicity users: Four ideas to keep you going.

Syncplicity for remote work offer

Syncplicity is designed for remote work–our old tagline–access your files anywhere, anytime.

  • No VPN required.
  • Limited migration for most remote work scenarios. Syncplicity does not require your users to move all their files into a folder, they can synchronize a folder. This means to save it to the cloud and then that folder and all its contents are available across all your devices, in real-time.
  • And, the bullet point above helps protect against things like Ransomware and broken devices. Not that we are working from home—we are our own IT department to some extent.  You break your device, with Syncplicity you can get on another laptop or device—and your files are just there.

When we put the program together, we had our customers at the center of the offer, thinking about what would add value now and provide relief.

  • Three packages. Our customers were at the heart of the offer. We wanted to provide our customers that did not have a solution for immediate relief.
  • Time frame. We identified a timeline that would truly provide value–so that companies could focus on their priorities, versus having to find a solution and deploy.
  • Self-Service Education. Deploying new technology, no matter how easy, can be challenging when rolled out by IT, so we developed assets and a program to assist onboarding and user adoption.

This offer is not a super-sized trial, it’s the Syncplicity Enterprise Edition. We are giving it to our customers and others at no cost to help with this transition to remote work. Analysts and other research indicate that working-from-home will continue to trend. In fact, estimates that 25-30% of the workforce will be WFH multiple days a week by the end of 2021. Soon, it might not be a trend, but the new norm.

Based on the same research from Global Workpla­ce Analytics, the disruption caused by COVID-19 will not soon be forgotten by organizational leaders, shareholders and stakeholders. Those who were not ready this time will learn to be better prepared for the future. A work-from-home disaster preparedness plan includes more than just accessing files and collaborating remotely, and we understand that, but it’s one small way we were able to help.

If you are interested in using Syncplicity, we have good news: the April 30th deadline has now been extended to May 15th. Please contact your Axway sales manager or fill out the form here.

How we work has changed—and out how we can help you now and transition into a new future. Read six tips for working remotely. We have many resources available on this page to learn more about Syncplicity and also help you get up and running.

Learn more about the Syncplicity Remote Work offer.


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