Join Syncplicity by Axway and EMC Isilon for a Live Webcast on November 5, 2013

Syncplicity and EMC Isilon
Syncplicity and EMC Isilon

On November 5, 2013, Syncplicity by Axway announced new and significant features in a live event from key executives at Syncplicity by Axway and EMC Corporation. As Syncplicity by Axway redefines how you share and store files, you’ll want to hear what the future of online file sharing will look like across your enterprise. 

Syncplicity and EMC Isilon 

During the live event, we announced:

•    New mobile solutions that allow data access on EMC Isilon storage
•    Enhanced data compliance, privacy and security controls
•    Next-generation frictionless user interface and experience 

Participate in the question and answer session during the webcast event and get answers from our team of Syncplicity by Axway customer success, product marketing and system engineering experts.  Start engaging in the pre-event rumors, chatter and leaks when you follow @Syncplicity by Axway and @jpatel41 with hashtag #EMC. 

Listen to the video and read about real-time document protection and backup with Syncplicity by Axway


We hope you joined the live event on November 5th, click here for more information.


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