ESG’s Terri McClure Talks about a New Trend – Rogue IT

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Play the VideoEmployees are demanding the use of consumer devices for business purposes. But as Terri McClure, ESG Senior Analyst explains in this video it doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or corporate device – it’s just too easy to download multiple business apps and load them with confidential business data.  

Terri calls this Rogue IT.  

ESG GlobalOne area this is happening most often is with Online File Sharing and Collaboration applications where employees use free consumer apps and fill them up with company data.  A recent study from ESG, found that 70% of IT professionals know or suspect rogue usage. This worrying new trend poses numerous risks.

To learn more, watch Terri McClure as she discusses IT trends and insights and offers solutions for how IT organizations can combat this growing trend that puts companies in jeopardy.


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