Active Directory integration

Time to bridge MFT and Content Collaboration Platform

Gartner has stated in its recent Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms (read the full report here) that 80% of large and midsize organizations in...
Syncplicity using DataHub

Syncplicity using DataHub: Millennials beware for the future

Syncplicity using DataHub: Millennials beware! A trend in popular culture today that you may have missed is to catalog the growing list of industries,...
muscle memory

Sweat the small stuff

Collaboration is the essential ingredient for intelligent “workplace” teams, as studies have told us for decades. Yet, for many enterprise organizations even today, working...
Tend user engagement

“Showing” the way makes IT the hero

Our IT community has long been held captive by requirements to “tell” end-user engagements what to do. Use this app, don’t use that one....
knowledge workers

We’re bound for the future. You coming along?

The next big boost in business productivity is near at hand, and it won’t come from people working harder or longer. “Knowledge workers” will...
Syncplicity by Axway mobile app

What’s our Magic? A fantastic user experience!

We are very happy to announce that it is official! In Gartner's analysis of 19 different Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solutions, Gartner...
Syncplicity by Axway users

Sync, share and declare your independence!

It’s here. That first warm-season milestone that sneaks up on you every year, reminding you that spring has ended and summer is in full...
mobile apps

School’s out! This summer, there’s freedom for grownups too

Ah, here is June again. With its promise of summer…and summer vacation and mobile apps. No more pencils, no more books--what a relief. You...
security and compliance

Five unexpected lessons from EMC World

Now that the dust has settled on EMC World 2014, we’ve had a chance to reflect on the whirlwind event. It was four fun-filled...
help your users

Go lite, go to EMC WORLD 2014

EMC World 2014 is just around the corner! Visit Syncplicity by Axway to see how we’re REDEFINING enterprise file sharing and collaboration to help...

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