Meet Syncplicity at FutureIT Boston

FutureIT Boston
FutureIT Boston

What’s right around the corner? The FutureIT in Boston, MA (IDG) is a one-day event that is designed to help organizations establish a digital-first initiative, drive revenue and find efficiencies. It’s part of IDG’s new event series for the Digital Enterprise.

FutureIT: We’ll be there, will you?

Our team will be there on August 6th! We are looking forward to spending time in Boston and learning about all the great things to come and meeting all of you. Syncplicity by Axway VP of sales, Dena Damankais will be taking the stage at 2:15 pm, to share insights from a series of research projects we’ve been conducting with 2000+ IT Executives across four countries. Join us for “Public Cloud is Not Always the Answer and… sometimes it is.”

Public cloud is not always the answer

Here is just a sampling of some of the insight we gained from the primary research we’ve been conducting.  From the survey, we learned that “Fifty-two percent of organizations are concerned about storing all of their unstructured data in the cloud.” So, what about the 48%?

To be digital-first, an organization does not need to move everything – in this case and for this research, it’s unstructured data – into the public cloud. Lately, it sounds like every company, even those that have been reluctant, are “moving to the cloud.” We hear that as well, but it does not translate into everything, nor in the public cloud. It translates into some companies being cloud-first.

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For examples, Uber and other cloud start-ups are arguably 100% cloud-based. Then you have highly regulated industries and those with legacy infrastructure, and it’s likely more of a mix of what makes sense to be in the public cloud vs. private cloud vs. on-premises. We still get questioned regularly about having our control plane in the cloud.

Shades of gray

The fact is that Microsoft has helped companies jump that cloud hurdle, but not every company is putting all its data and applications in the cloud. We have customers who keep sensitive data on-premises and less sensitive data in the public cloud. Why? They want to keep their sensitive data under their control and less sensitive data in the public cloud, saving money and time managing.

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Want to learn more? Join us August 6th for more insights and conversations around best practices of managing unstructured data – keeping it safe and in compliance! See you in Boston.

Learn more about IDGs Future of IT event in Boston.


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