ESG Senior Analyst, Terri McClure, on Enterprise File Sharing

OFS Deployment Models
OFS Deployment Models

Terri McClure, ESG Senior Analyst, was tracking the OFS market when Dropbox was still in diapers. Terri McClure knows all about what she is talking about. She agreed to share her knowledge and insights with us in a compelling webinar that drew a crowd of more than 600 IT professionals on OFS Deployment Models. Read all about ESG Study identifying burgeoning demand for Hybrid Online File Sharing (OFS).

OFS Deployment Models

Is it true that you didn’t make it to the party? Don’t worry. Just because you missed the live event doesn’t mean you missed the show. Syncplicity by Axway recorded Terri McClure’s presentation and posted it online just for you. Check out New Trends and Essentials in OFS Deployment Models to hear Terri share her insights into the following topics:

  • The evolution of the OFS market for vendors and users
  • The emerging trends in deployment models
  • Factors that are driving the hybrid model
  • Proprietary ESG data and research

This insightful and helpful webinar will help you to better understand how the latest developments and trends in enterprise file sharing and collaboration will impact your business in the long run. Read all about the 7 strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution here. Click here to check out Terri McClure and the New Trends and Essentials in OFS Deployment Models.

Check out McClure on Syncplicity by Axway: EMC File Sharing is right on track.


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