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managing Syncplicity with Alexa

Managing Syncplicity with Alexa, Part 1

I love APIs. Now, I’m no developer, but I’ve worked in pre-sales engineering long enough to pick up some basic scripting, so I appreciate...

Search and Metadata Tagging—Locating and Adding Context to your Content

Syncplicity Search & Tagging Global data is expected to grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175ZB by 2025. As data and unstructured content...
content collaboration webinar

Content Collaboration: Connecting your files and business applications to drive digital transformation

Syncplicity by Axway brings many benefits to the organization to help drive digital transformation. In this webinar “Content Collaboration: Connecting Files and Business Applications...

How to collaborate and share files securely in a modern workplace

Have you ever wondered how you can collaborate and share files securely in a modern workplace? Look no further than the Axway...
share files and collaborate

How to share files and collaborate using Syncplicity (video demonstration)

Have you ever wondered how to share files and collaborate using Syncplicity by Axway? When you collaborate, you are syncing on both sides of...
shared links

Reducing the impact of ransomware attacks and controlling Shadow IT

With a growing tally of high-profile incidents, multiple warnings from European and US agencies on increased cyber threats, employees are tempted to use collaborative...
strategic acquisition

Acquiring a company? 10 lessons on strategic acquisitions.

In Silicon Valley, it’s often argued that large companies can’t innovate. I want to share an alternative perspective. Over the past three years, I've...

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