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B2Bi and Syncplicity

B2Bi and Syncplicity – B2H/H2B interaction

Axway has an integration that would allow data from B2Bi to be copied to Syncplicity and vice versa. Why? Well, many customers today would like...
Syncplicity for Android mobile application

New Release: Syncplicity mobile app for Android (version 4.9)

As part of the regular Syncplicity releases, we are excited to announce the Android mobile application’s latest Syncplicity release. Syncplicity for Android mobile application This new...

New experience for Syncplicity for Mac

If you’re already a Syncplicity user, then you know that the Syncplicity desktop application allows you to share, collaborate, and sync files right from...
Syncplicity with Alexa

Managing Syncplicity with Alexa, Part 2

My first attempt at managing Syncplicity with Alexa Skill, while rather crude, it was a success in dipping my toe into the waters of...
New Windows Desktop 6.1 – Simplified User Experience

New Windows Desktop 6.1 – Simplified User Experience

On April 18, 2019 we released Windows Desktop 6.1. This is an exciting and significant release for end-users with major enhancements for improving and streamlining...
new in Syncplicity

Learn what’s new in Syncplicity

Just when you thought Syncplicity did it all, they now go even further with versatility in file sharing and collaboration. Syncplicity by...
AMPLIFY Syncplicity Summer 2018

AMPLIFY Syncplicity Summer 2018 Release

Over the last few months, the AMPLIFY Syncplicity Summer 2018 Release came together thanks to a great team. They released new features to improve the...
new enterprise features

Spring Release 2018: new enterprise features!

What’s new with Syncplicity? New enterprise features are what's new! The Syncplicity product and engineering team have been busy building new enterprise features.  We continue...
Content APIs on Syncplicity Developer Portal

Announcing the addition of Content APIs on Syncplicity Developer Portal

We are excited to introduce the addition of Content APIs on Syncplicity Developer Portal! The new portal includes an interactive console with everything you need...
Active Directory integration

Time to bridge MFT and Content Collaboration Platform

Gartner has stated in its recent Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms (read the full report here) that 80% of large and midsize organizations in...

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