Learn what’s new in Syncplicity

new in Syncplicity
new in Syncplicity

Just when you thought Syncplicity did it all, they now go even further with versatility in file sharing and collaboration. Syncplicity by Axway works closely with its customers to make improvements to their platform all the time. In the webinar “Learn what’s new in Syncplicity,” Vivek Mody, Vice President of Products at Syncplicity by Axway and Kristi Connor, Product and Solutions Marketing Director, discuss in detail the new additions to Syncplicity.

New in Syncplicity: Four pillars

Innovate the user experience: This helps to empower and mobilize all workers to collaborate in real time with seamless access to content, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

IT Modernization: With this ability, you are able to unlock the power of the cloud by combining legacy content sources and file shares at lower costs for the consumer. This gives you the choice of files where you want them: Cloud, On-Premises or Private.

Data Protection and Security: This lets content protection and fulfillment through granular data residency and security controls—more protection for your files.

Ecosystem Collaboration: You are able to go beyond what you imagined and open up the extended enterprise in a controlled manner. This lets you share your content in a high-value way. Furthermore, you are able to securely collaborate with your trusted ecosystem while leveraging industry-leading collaboration applications and tools. You can have extended communication with companies outside of your company. You can also combine with collaboration and business applications, both internally and externally, to further your file-sharing experience.

Key highlights and benefits

With so many great things happening within Syncplicity by Axway, more key benefits have been incorporated into the platform:

*Integration with Office 365. This is another great perk that has been added to Syncplicity. Microsoft integration provides online viewing and editing with concurrent access for the user.

*With SyncDrive + Multi-Folder Sync, you are offered the best of both worlds. This gives you a real solution for Group and File Share Replacement. Not only do you move beyond desktop files and personal folders to help manage unstructured data, but you can store thousands of files without worrying about storage space. In the webinar, we learn that “customers have provided terrific feedback on this specific feature.” With this strategic approach to file sharing and group files, you now have excellent consolidation abilities to provide a better user experience.

What the user views is very important for Syncplicity. The secure search capability allows you to:

*Improve search. Syncplicity offers a secure option for searching for folders and files. Furthermore, Syncplicity gives IT the choice to turn this feature on for on-premise capabilities.

*Storage Vault Connector to Google Cloud: This new Syncplicity feature continues to add merit by giving customer’s storage choice and deployment options via the hybrid cloud. You also have a private or public cloud option with this feature.

Data protection and security highlights

Thanks to data protection and security additions, you now have at your disposal:

*Client Certificate Authentication: You now have only trusted devices that can access your company’s data. With this feature, you are given extra security.

*Customer Managed Keys: This great service allows customers the ultimate control over encryption keys. This ensures that no unauthorized third-party entity can access your company files. Control and being able to own encryption keys is a huge addition to the Syncplicity roster of updates.

*Enhanced DLP with classification and dynamic sharing rules. Another plus for Syncplicity as it provides our customers with added protection around data loss and prevention. This gives added support for additional DLP vendors.

*eDiscovery Legal Hold: Another set of excellent features that have been added to Syncplicity is eDiscovery Legal Hold. With this option, you prevent “spoliation” of data, permanent deletion and it allows the eDiscovery administrator to impersonate a user and extract data. This simply means that a user can’t delete files if they have been put in this category.

Ecosystem collaboration highlights

Additional highlights of the Ecosystem collaboration platform are:

*New Developer Portal. These are content APIs that make it much easier for customers to create custom applications to meet their unique business needs.

*Released new third-party applications via the Axway Marketplace. With this release, you provide the customer with an increased value around Syncplicity and content collaboration. You also get increased security around the access to Syncplicity via APIs.

*Secure Transport and Syncplicity Integration enhanced allows you to share files via outbound and inbound capabilities in large amounts of files.

Another major release provides Rebranding Desktop User interface. Additional usability improvements and support VDI Support for XenDesktop. You can manage SyncDrive folders. This makes it simple to consume. Furthermore,  you have support for zillions of files in SyncDrive within Desktop.

Improvements for SyncDrive

The webinar goes into further details about the new improvements that have been added to SyncDrive. You are now able to have:

*Zillions of files: You can remove any abstract limitations on a number of files by loading all folder and file metadata. Also, this ability has removed limitations on how many files you can load. This is a huge step for Syncplicity. Furthermore, you have the ability to control how many folders are visible in SyncDrive from Windows Explorer.

 *VDI Support: VDI environments similar to XenDesktops with temporary sessions will seamlessly handle sync and access to all folders and files. You are also provided with additional group-based policy.

The rebranding of the desktop user interface

Thanks to updated branding, you now have an updated logo, along with a streamlined look, new and better icons, color scheme changes, updated folder icons in Manage Folders have also been enhanced. Thanks to a streamlined System Tray UI, you now have easily accessible icons making it so much easier to utilize. Also, with advanced settings to see additional information, you now have an improved user experience.

Managed folders and personalization

With these new additions, this allows users to focus on the folders they need easy access to on a daily basis in Windows Explorer. View all folders and updates with new overlay icons. This allows users to customize what they see and manage their folders.

Also,  you can streamline your view on example 15 folders or projects. Or, you can choose to see everything, you can control what you see.

Summarizing Windows Desktop 6.0

In the webinar, Vivek Mody discusses the updates to Windows Desktop 6.0. He mentioned that it “provides a solution for migrating large network shares without compromising on user experience, optimize space and performance on users’ PCs.” Furthermore, you can move it into Syncplicity without compromising on userspace on your PC and it won’t impact its performance. Also, IT is now able to rollout Syncplicity company-wide including users using VDI environments. Thanks to the improved user experience with a new look, streamlined icons and a better ability to personalize your folders. This comes into play for rename on the web. This is available on the web as a feature, allowing you to rename all your files and fold in your SyncDrive folders.  You now have the ability to “click on a name and change it, it will be propagated, it will show up all over on desktop, mobile.”

Internal User lookup restrictions—group visibility

This provides users within different groups to keep their information confidential. Also, sharing between these groups will require you to know the exact e-mail address of the recipient. You can also be restrictive down to a targeted number of users. Example, if you are in HR and you are managing groups, you can keep your information confidential so they are in different groups. You can determine the policies of who can look up what, allowing you to have control over who is seeing what information. This provides you the extra security that you need if you have sensitive information you don’t want to be shared and limits lookups from other viewers. You can also block users and groups.

Internal user lookup restriction highlights

This gives IT the flexibility they need to extend sharing and collaboration functions to users within groups, It even goes one step further by providing you with the outside (internal/external/between group) of the organization while preserving the confidentiality of users. This incorporates the eDiscovery Legal Hold.

Google Cloud Platform additional feature

Syncplicity now has added the ability to have support for Storage Vault Support for Google Cloud Platform. This allows you to utilize Google Cloud Storage Vaults in with Syncplicity public cloud storage and on-premise storage vaults (hybrid deployment). You can now synchronize your files between desktops and Google Cloud Storage.  You can also create another storage vault or gravitate to a centralized vault, thus allowing you to choose Google if you wish.

With all these endless new possibilities with Syncplicity by Axway, what are you waiting for?

Watch our webinar on demand and learn more about the excellent new additions in file sharing.


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