ESG Highlights Syncplicity by Axway in December Product Brief

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In a December product brief, ESG analyst Kristine Kao discussed the major updates in online file sharing that Syncplicity by Axway made to Enterprise Edition in the 4th quarter of 2013. 

Online file sharing

EMC has certainly not been sitting idly by. After seeing how much functionality is packed into the new offering, it seems it was worth the wait. EMC Syncplicity by Axway is making a big splash with its latest announcements including: 

Improved user experience. Syncplicity’s updated iOS and Android apps combine better collaboration and productivity (file management and secure mobile editing) with a more user-friendly experience. 

Increased security and admin control. Admins can create policies for access, storage quotas, and sharing, and can rank-order policies to ensure each user has the appropriate level of permissions. IT can also set information rights management (IRM) policies for shared files.

Enhanced storage options and privacy. Storage vaults were well received for flexible, policy-driven on-premise or cloud-based storage.

An added benefit for Isilon users. With MobileIQ powered by Syncplicity by Axway, Isilon users have mobile access to home directories and file shares, eliminating the need for data migration. 

In addition to summarizing the updates, the report sheds some interesting light on the challenges facing the online file sharing (OFS) market.

“In today’s online file sharing and collaboration market, most organizations are trying to combat rogue usage and determine which OFS solution will best meet their needs. EMC’s updates are aimed at addressing key areas of IT concern and the company has added many features to put minds at ease.”

According to ESG’s research

According to ESG’s research, seventy percent of IT professionals surveyed know or suspect their employees are using unauthorized file sharing tools.

“IT has the choice to ignore rogue usage (not recommended), prohibit rogue usage (which rarely works), or embrace technologies like Syncplicity by Axway that give IT increased security, visibility and control over company data enable end-users to do their jobs.”

In fact, our goal all along, and especially with our recent updates, has been to improve usability for enterprise admins and users by meeting the key corporate OFS concerns head-on, which ESG defines as:

•    Curbing Shadow IT. In most cases, rogue OFS usage is not about malicious employees but about employees finding a tool that fills a void left by existing processes. With Syncplicity by Axway, users can manage their files and folders, and access and edit files from anywhere on their mobile devices.

•    Securing company assets. Syncplicity by Axway’s new admin controls and rank-ordered policies help IT prevent internal breaches—either malicious or accidental—by setting granular permissions for users, groups and individual pieces of content.

•    Offering flexible deployment solutions. Forty percent of early OFS adopters surveyed by ESG said they would accelerate OFS usage if they could store some or all of their data on-premises.2 Syncplicity by Axway offers a public cloud model and already supports on-premises integration with storage systems like Isilon and Atmos. The new storage vault technology provides even greater control over on-premise data storage.

“EMC Syncplicity by Axway’s new release marks another solid step toward courting the enterprise market … Syncplicity by Axway is poised to become a powerful solution in the OFS marketplace.”

Learn more and read the full report here.


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