Axway by Syncplicity PrivacyRegions answers data protection requirements

Axway by Syncplicity PrivacyRegions
Axway by Syncplicity PrivacyRegions

Syncplicity by Axway PrivacyRegions is raising the technology architecture bar with a new EFSS innovation. This ensures corporate compliance without getting in the way of user productivity. (Read about the 7 strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS here.)

Axway by Syncplicity PrivacyRegions

Axway by Syncplicity PrivacyRegions allows companies to remain compliant with region-specific data protection and residency regulations. This still allows their users to seamlessly share folders and files with users and companies based in other regions. Personal information (PII) and corporate meta-data are never processed or stored in other regions.

Axway Syncplicity PrivacyRegions uniquely combines regional cloud services, policy-driven hybrid cloud storage and a new privacy-driven architecture. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Syncplicity by Axway European Union (EU) PrivacyRegion is generally available. This design enables EU-based enterprises to confine the storage and processing of all their files, meta-data and personal information to the EU region.

Seamless User Experience

Syncplicity by Axway is the only EFSS provider to offer regional cloud services that do not restrict user sharing. We allow users to seamlessly collaborate across regions with a single account while maintaining all the information—including meta-data—within a designated region. For example, with Syncplicity by Axway, an enterprise’s storage and control plane can be in Europe.

Other EFSS vendors allow customers to choose a geographic zone for file storage. Yet, they process and store all meta-data, such as file names, PII and significant indexing of regional files’ content in U.S.-based cloud services.

By contrast, Syncplicity by Axway PrivacyRegions segregates a company’s meta-data, PII and file storage to its chosen region. For example, customers who choose Syncplicity by Axway EU PrivacyRegion are assured all of their information is kept within Europe.

Syncplicity by Axway is the first vendor to provide regional cloud services allowing users to seamlessly collaborate across regions without requiring multiple user accounts for each region. Syncplicity by Axway’s solution is unique in segregating all data to specific regions. This still provides users “a single-pane-of-glass” experience and seamless collaboration across regions.

Syncplicity by Axway’s release of PrivacyRegions builds upon a long-standing posture of data privacy compliance. Our “data protection by default” strategy provides a flexible architecture with the necessary granular privacy, confidentially and data sovereignty controls built in. This gives our customers the right tools to adapt to evolving regional legislation and business requirements across the enterprise.

To learn more about how Syncplicity by Axway ensures compliance with global privacy and security regulations, please click here. 

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