Announcing the addition of Content APIs on Syncplicity Developer Portal

Content APIs on Syncplicity Developer Portal
Content APIs on Syncplicity Developer Portal

We are excited to introduce the addition of Content APIs on Syncplicity Developer Portal! The new portal includes an interactive console with everything you need to help facilitate and speed custom application development. From exploring the latest document for Syncplicity’s application programming interfaces (APIs) which include content capabilities and user provisioning to accessing sample code in Java, C#.

With Syncplicity APIs, developers can make their applications content aware by accessing files for upload, download, create shared links. Because APIs allow both developers, technology partners and customers to easily create end-user applications or administrative applications connecting to customers’ Syncplicity accounts, you have a win-win all around.

Read more about a File Sync and Sharing Solution Built for the Enterprise.

Content APIs on Syncplicity Developer Portal

As a developer, the portal will provide complete access to everything you need to get started, upon creation of a developer account, you will instantly get access to interactive documentation, code samples, knowledgebase articles and a Syncplicity sandbox environment to test your application or just your API calls.

The site provides an easy to follow reference guide and prerequisites to help you get started. One of the benefits is instant help from a community of other developers and our team here at Syncplicity, including Product Management.

Build Custom Applications to Meet Your Business Needs

They Syncplicity APIs can help you address a wide range of unique use cases based on your business requirements.

As a Syncplicity platform user or an application developer, you can enable development of your content-aware applications by using Syncplicity API set–building applications for end-users that streamline interactions with content and improve collaboration. Giving business users new innovative ways to collaborate with internal and external teams.

  • Build an integration between Syncplicity and your application
  • Automate routine processes with Syncplicity
  • Customize Syncplicity for your organization

An example: Build an administrative tool to simplify user provisioning or an application to automate group and policy configuration

Our API platform takes care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business needs. Further, you can publish your new application in the AMPLIFY MARKETPLACE. The AMPLIFY MARKETPLACE includes applications provided by Axway, the Syncplicity team, our customers and partners. Also, you can also find reference applications/connectors you can use.

Take a look at our new applications/integrations, to download click here.

  • Syncplicity for OneNote
  • Syncplicity Extension for Chrome
  • Adobe Sign connector
  • Syncplicity for Jira
  • Syncplicity for Confluence

Join our webinar, Spring Release 2018 to learn more about the Developer Portal, Content API and our new applications. And, be sure to register to attend live or watch on-demand at a later date.


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