Do your homework before jumping into any EFSS solution, says Merck

EFSS product
EFSS product

If you attended the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in Orlando in 205, we hope you didn’t miss the “Syncplicity by Axway by EMC: A Transformative Piece to the Knowledge Management Puzzle” — a talk given by Scott Kennedy, Director of Knowledge Management Platforms for Merck.

You got a behind-the-scenes, knowledge-management perspective of a multinational corporation that’s 70,000 employees strong. Scott shared his perspective on how enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) is ushering knowledge workers into a new era, where content is centrally stored and managed strategically. In preparation for this change, companies need to carefully inventory their organizational objectives and thoroughly evaluate available EFSS products.

“Knowledge workers are starting to work out of a new environment, and a product like Syncplicity by Axway transforms the way we think about knowledge, sharing content and transparency.” —Scott Kennedy, Director of Knowledge Management Platforms, Merck

Managing change of EFSS product

So how does a company keep ahead of the change and protect against the security risks introduced by consumer file-sharing tools? By choosing the right EFSS product. Scott advises that you conduct a thorough evaluation of your business objectives and the EFSS solutions available, so you have the knowledge base to choose the right product for your organization. Read more about 7 strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution.

“You have to understand your goals, objectives, and use cases,” Scott says. “Due diligence in all areas – security, data privacy, infrastructure, networking, communication, and change management – is vital.”

For Merck, Syncplicity by Axway aids in the knowledge management problem

Merck’s thorough evaluation led them to choose Syncplicity by Axway as its EFSS solution for a number of reasons, including its intuitive UI and ease of use. Syncplicity by Axway’s hybrid storage options (on-premises, cloud, or a little of each), and the ease with which it connects to existing content sources, such as SharePoint and Documentum, were major selling points.

Merck’s assessment revealed that most users don’t back up or sync their content frequently enough, whether they are using a home drive or an EFSS solution that requires dragging and dropping into a “magic folder.” Syncplicity by Axway’s real-time backup, and the ability to perform a silent install and automatically sync specific directories without inconveniencing users were also major advantages.

“People don’t want to take time to copy things over,” Scott says. “Syncplicity’s real-time document backup aids the knowledge management issue. It’s how we’re going to phase out home-drive storage in the future.”

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Ready to transform knowledge management at your company? We hope you didn’t miss “Syncplicity by Axway by EMC: A Transformative Piece to the Knowledge Management Puzzle” on May 18th at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in Orlando.

Learn how Syncplicity by Axway is transforming the digital workplace.


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