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file sharing and collaboration

EMC World 2014: Redefine mobile productivity

REDEFINE is the theme of EMC World 2014. Why? Because EMC is the company that’s DEFINING and REDEFINING virtualization, cloud computing, Big Data storage...
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Syncplicity by Axway releases new content management solution to power the enterprise

Santa Clara, April 1, 2014: Syncplicity by Axway’s Enterprise file sharing and collaboration solution has taken a huge leap forward with the addition of...
World Backup

Happy Backup Day–we have your back!

Today is World Backup Day, which was created to encourage us all to back up our files so we don’t lose them. Its motto...
file sync

The three stages of file sync sharing

The use of enterprise file sync and share applications has seen tremendous growth in the past year. A December 2013 ESG report noted that...
mobile first

From designing for desktops to mobile first

(Originally published on Wired Insights) It’s no secret that smartphone adoption continues to explode with some studies estimating that 22 percent of the global population owning...
file sharing

Fewer silos for the files: Managing cloud data

(Originally published in Data Center Knowledge) The demand for ubiquitous access to any file, any place on any device has resulted in a wide range...
Go Lite challenge

The Syncplicity by Axway Go Lite challenge is now concluding

We asked dozens of people within the Syncplicity by Axway team to challenge themselves for 30 days to only take a mobile device to...
Active Directory group sync

Tear down the walls

“Tear down the walls see the world is there something we have missed turn from ourselves look beyond there is so much more than this."  -- Pink Floyd I...
Go Lite app

Go Lite challenge: 3 weeks, 3 insights

Over the past three weeks our Go Lite app masters and device demons have honed their strategies and sharpened their skills. As they’ve leveled...
Active Directory integration

Productivity gets reimagined when mobile is the design baseline

(Originally published on Reflections Blog 2/17/14) Why bother with 6AM conference calls and 14-hour flights? Because we are at the early beginnings of an era...

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