Syncplicity using DataHub

Syncplicity using DataHub: Millennials beware for the future

Syncplicity using DataHub: Millennials beware! A trend in popular culture today that you may have missed is to catalog the growing list of industries,...
GDPR overexposes Shadow IT

GDPR overexposes Shadow IT

GDPR overexposes Shadow IT Shadow IT is described as IT solutions used within a company without organizational approval. It’s the IT activity that takes place...
Digital transformation with Syncplicity by Axway

Driving digital transformation with Syncplicity by Axway

Did you know Major League Baseball (MLB) is driving digital transformation with Syncplicity by Axway? It’s certainly a great story about how MLB is driving engagement. This...
ransomware recovery plan

Why all companies should have a ransomware recovery plan

Cybercriminals are not only becoming more sophisticated but bolder. The most insidious computer crime today doesn’t involve viruses or stealing credit card numbers. Instead,...
Sync Drive size

SyncDrive size: The perfect complement for your data

The amount of unstructured data in home directories, group shares and network drives across the enterprise is staggering. The overall amount of information is...
Axway by Syncplicity PrivacyRegions

Axway by Syncplicity PrivacyRegions answers data protection requirements

Syncplicity by Axway PrivacyRegions is raising the technology architecture bar with a new EFSS innovation. This ensures corporate compliance without getting in the way...
Hybride Speicher und Datenschutz

Hybride Speicher und Datenschutz: So sorgen Sie für Compliance

Mit Big Data und dem Internet of Things kommen auf klassische Storage-Architekturen neue Aufgaben zu, denen sie immer weniger gerecht werden können – sie...
CIOReview recognition

Thank you, CIOReview recognization! Syncplicity rocks it!

Did you hear about Syncplicity's CIOReview recognition? If not, let us be the first to tell you all about CIOReview magazine recognition! We are...
Gartner ITExpo in Barcelona

A different kind of sharing at Gartner ITExpo in Barcelona 2016

Most of us have been to trade shows and fallen for the free giveaways--always a nice perk! Those little trinkets look so alluring under...
Affiliate Sharing

Affiliate sharing: Helping enterprises build their digital ecosystem of trust

In a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research study, 98% of IT and security professionals were extremely concerned with having technologies in place to...

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EFSS solution

7 strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution

Over time, an Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solution developed into dominant platforms. EFSS solution helps to drive business operations and innovation to...
Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration

Enterprise Edition: A File Sync and Sharing Solution Built for the Enterprise

We know why you have a policy against online file sharing apps. Your job is to maintain control of company information and most file...
new enterprise features

Spring Release 2018: new enterprise features!

What’s new with Syncplicity? New enterprise features are what's new! The Syncplicity product and engineering team have been busy building new enterprise features.  We continue...
EFSS Solution

Do Your Homework Before Jumping into Any EFSS Solution, Says Merck

If you attend the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in Orlando next week, don’t miss “Syncplicity by Axway by EMC: A Transformative Piece to the...
Syncplicity + Microsoft

Syncplicity + Microsoft. Work better together

Enterprises today have no shortage of options when it comes to content collaboration platforms (CCP). Formerly enterprise file sync and share (EFSS). (Read more...

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