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Enterprise Mobile Collaboration

IDC on redefining Enterprise Mobile Collaboration

Bob Dylan sang it loud and clear in 1964—"the times they are a-changin." Well…the times did change. And they still are changing, profoundly. IDC’s...
security and compliance

Five unexpected lessons from EMC World

Now that the dust has settled on EMC World 2014, we’ve had a chance to reflect on the whirlwind event. It was four fun-filled...
Sync and Share

Storage Swiss: the impact of Sync and Share on Enterprise Document Protection

The explosive adoption of sync, share and mobile collaboration solutions are undeniable in today's marketplace. According to a recent article by Storage Swiss, people...
Syncplicity and EMC Isilon

The Power of One: Syncplicity by Axway Connector for SharePoint

We are excited to announce that we have started to make the Syncplicity by Axway Connector for SharePoint available to qualified Syncplicity by Axway...
Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults

Staying compliant and retaining control ““ StorageVaults and StorageVaults Authentication

Information security is an elusive discipline. Purists look for the most secure mechanisms, and most others don’t care until it’s too late. In this...
Storage options covered

We’ve got storage options covered

It is time to redefine your mobile productivity on your own terms! This needs to include flexible deployment options that allow you to choose your...
file sync

This just in! Syncplicity by Axway has a new improved support site!

We are happy to announce that Syncplicity by Axway has launched a new and improved support site to help you and your users get...
EMC World 2014

Just say No Silos!

Nowadays, collaboration certainly happens anywhere and everywhere! From being on the road, at the airport on the run or on the train and at EMC...
IT visibility and compliance

Lessons from a large scale sync and share deployment

Finding the perfect productivity solution and rolling it out to a workforce of 60,000 people isn’t easy. EMC IT is sharing some lessons learned from...
help your users

Go lite, go to EMC WORLD 2014

EMC World 2014 is just around the corner! Visit Syncplicity by Axway to see how we’re REDEFINING enterprise file sharing and collaboration to help...

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