Lessons from a large scale sync and share deployment

IT visibility and compliance
IT visibility and compliance

Finding the perfect productivity solution and rolling it out to a workforce of 60,000 people isn’t easy. EMC IT is sharing some lessons learned from their enterprise-wide rollout of Syncplicity by Axway and the private cloud.

“It’s our job in IT to protect our intellectual property and other sensitive information,” says Wissam Halabi, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Infrastructure Architect. “If employees want to store content in the cloud, we want it to be in our private cloud so we can keep it secure.”  Read more about Syncplicity by Axway, the gift that keeps on giving.

Private cloud

The case study, EMC IT Deploys Syncplicity by Axway with Private Cloud Storage, articulates EMC’s need for an enterprise-grade sync and share solution and sheds light on the steps required to:

  • Execute a phased launch
  • Succeed with user adoption
  • Calibrate and configure security policies
  • Choose the best storage types and content classes
  • Provide support resources
  • Scale deployment
  • Empower users

We hope this case study sheds some light on user needs, resource requirements, and best practices to help you harness the benefits of enterprise sync and share solution. Download it here.


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