Storage Swiss: the Impact of Sync and Share on Enterprise Document Protection

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    The explosive adoption of sync, share, and mobile collaboration solutions is undeniable. According to a recent article by Storage Swiss, people work with as many as four or five devices, which makes it more critical than ever that organizations protect data in real-time on every device. The eye-opening article details the impact of enterprise-grade file sync and share solutions on data protection for today’s mobile workforce.

    Here are just some of the highlights:

    Full system backup + enterprise sync and share = ultimate protection
    Full system backups are necessary for many reasons. Sync and share solutions add an additional layer of security by providing real-time, automated backup of working documents.

    Mobile editing is becoming mainstream
    Increasingly, people are using tablets and smartphones to create and edit documents. Sync and share solutions make sure those edits and new files are synchronized to a central storage location, distributed to every shared device and computer, and protected at every endpoint.

    Not all backups are created equal
    There’s no doubt that mobility boosts productivity, but if files aren’t backed up in real-time, users can lose hours, days, or weeks’ worth of work. With today’s mobile workforce, files have to be backed up in real-time.

    Not all sync and share solutions deliver document protection
    Sync and share solutions must have any-folder sync to deliver real-time document protection. With any-folder sync capability, users don’t have to take any extra steps like moving files to a “magic folder” to synchronize their files.

    Check out the original Storage Swiss article here


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