Syncplicity by Axway and OneLogin Deliver Free Active Directory Group Sync

    Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration
    Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration

    Syncplicity by Axway has joined forces with OneLogin, a leader in Identity and Access Management, to provide our customers with a solution that makes it easy to integrate to Active Directory. For users, this means little or no steps to get started – no new accounts or passwords to create. For IT, this means ensuring password policies are always enforced and the risk of manually keeping track of multiple employee accounts are eliminated. Better yet, this is available at no charge for any Syncplicity by Axway customer.

    A few months ago we released easy and secure user provisioning. This allows companies to quickly on-board large numbers of users while ensuring files don’t fall into the wrong hands through automated account disablement, deletion, or remote wipe of data from departing employees’ devices.

    Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Active Directory group membership sync. This allows IT departments to use AD groups to manage their Syncplicity by Axway group memberships and continues to allow AD to be the single source of truth for assignment of all a user's entitlements. Companies can leverage their existing AD group memberships to facilitate sharing folders and files that are relevant to roles within the organization. Furthermore, as Syncplicity by Axway groups can be used to assign storage quota to users, IT administrators can now use AD groups to control how much storage is allocated to users based on existing organizational structures.

    OneLogin and Syncplicity by Axway Webinar

    Register to learn more about Syncplicity by Axway, OneLogin, and the benefits of cloud identity management on October 23, for a 30- minute webinar with Leonard Chung, Syncplicity by Axway Co-Founder & Chief Product Strategist and Mario Tarabbia, Onelogin Director of Business Development.


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