Happy 4th of July–Syncplicity by Axway

file sync
file sync

As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day here in the US by firing up the BBQ, watching fireworks with friends and family, and enjoying another nice warm summer day, the one thing that we can all do is, declare our independence from our desktops and laptops to work anywhere our independent spirit takes us. Syncplicity by Axway takes you to the next level.

Syncplicity by Axway

Syncplicity by Axway gives executives, marketers, sales teams, engineers, field operations and finance guys and gals the inalienable freedom to securely access, create, edit, sync and share content from their mobile devices, while still protecting enterprise files. Learn more about Syncplicity by Axway here.

With Syncplicity by Axway, we bestow upon our fellow worker’s secure collaboration, syncing and sharing. No matter where you are, we give you:

  • Freedom from VPN
  • Freedom from your laptop and desktop
  • Freedom from file size restrictions
  • Freedom from being tethered to your office
  • Freedom from unsecured consumer applications
  • Freedom from cloud-only solutions
  • Freedom to access any folder and not just a single magic folder
  • Freedom to securely create and edit content on your mobile device

Declare your independence this Independence Day with Syncplicity by Axway!

Read more how Syncplicity by Axway is transforming the digital workplace.


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