Secured Shared Files—the next evolution in secure file sharing

Secure Shared Links
Secure Shared Links

Syncplicity by Axway’s Enterprise File Sync and Share solution has taken another leap forward with the addition of Secured Shared Files, which we are making available to qualified Enterprise Edition customers today in a Controlled Release.  The Controlled Release is ideal for customers who want to securely share documents with external parties and would like to evaluate this feature. 

Syncplicity by Axway Secure Shared Files

With Secure Shared Files, security “follows your files” when they are sent to other users via Secure Shared Links. This gives users and IT the ability to stay in control of enterprise assets and content even if they are moved to a different folder or device after being shared.  Secure Shared Files provides enterprise users with an easy and secure solution for sharing files outside the organization, maximizing collaboration while giving IT the tools they need to ensure digital content is within their control wherever it goes.

Users get:

  • An easy way to securely share Microsoft Office and PDF files of any size, internally or externally, with the ability to specify a reader or editor role for recipients
  • A seamless user experience that adds protection to files as they are being sent via Secure Shared Links
  • Remotely revoke access or modify recipient roles regardless of where it resides or how many times it has been copied or moved

IT gets:

  • Granular control over policies such as read/write permissions, copy/paste permissions, offline access restrictions, screen capture restrictions, and watermark requirements
  • A centralized way to combine policies into easily understood “roles,” making it easier for end users to select the right level of file protection
  • Policies that determine if the use of rights management is required or optional, including the ability to enforce rights management for external recipients only
  • Audit reports to determine who accessed the content and when it was viewed
  • Ability to set location-based restrictions on data to comply with the tariff, safe harbor or other regulations

Security that enhances productivity

This is the next evolution in our drive to provide enterprises secure file sharing, but without creating end-user complexity. We have always believed that users and IT can both love a solution, and that security can enhance productivity.  In the early days of Syncplicity by Axway, we launched Shared Links, which give users the ability to avoid email attachment limits and protect files by being able to deactivate links. This year, we added Secure Shared Links, which enables users and IT the ability to restrict the recipient list, require passwords, and set automatic link expiration. Now, with this controlled release, we are offering Secure Shared Files, the ability to manage file permissions and activities after the recipient has downloaded the files.

Users today demand unprecedented ease of use, and choice of device when it comes to collaboration. We expect to be able to work with business files, on all our devices, as easily as we handle photos and music. Existing solutions for secure file sharing—even “new” SaaS solutions on the market –have put an unnecessary “tax” on end users by forcing them to change the way they work. With Syncplicity by Axway Secure Shared Files, they can now add security and control to files without missing a beat— so there’s no need to change the way they work on our account.

Controlled Release Availability

The Controlled Release is available only for Enterprise Edition customers who have an on-premise Syncplicity by Axway StorageVault deployment.

Secure Shared Files will be generally available in 2014.


Learn more about Syncplicity by Axway, the gift that keeps on giving.


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