Empower your marketing team with Syncplicity by Axway

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Today’s marketing teams are agile as ever. They are collaborating in real-time with colleagues in the next cube and across the world, sharing sensitive product and creative briefs with agencies far and wide and juggling more projects than ever. Syncplicity by Axway for Marketing is here for you.

In this fast-paced world, having the right tools in place to collaborate, access, share and sync content across devices helps organizations stay ahead of the game and beat the competition.

Syncplicity by Axway for Marketing

Syncplicity by Axway for Marketing delivers key capabilities that every marketing team needs. (Learn more here.)

  • Collaborate seamlessly with the right contributors—from the product manager one desk over, to your contact at the PR agency or your video producer.
  • Securely share files of any size (e.g. video files, larger PowerPoints and graphics), with team members in your organization as well as partners and vendors outside your firewall.
  • Provide tradeshow and conference attendees with up-to-date presentations, show schedules, and datasheets.
  • Keep the sales team on the same page by pushing the latest collateral to them with real-time file synchronization across devices.
  • Securely share sensitive communications, and know who views them and when.

For more details on how Syncplicity by Axway can help your marketing team, check out Syncplicity’s Marketing Solution Brief.

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