Syncplicity by Axway Holiday Tip #5: Retrieve a deleted file

Syncplicity by Axway Holiday Tip 5
Syncplicity by Axway Holiday Tip 5

It’s been a hectic week ­­­– parties, celebrations and lots of festivity. You’re in the groove, but all the holiday distractions can take their toll…and they just did. While cleaning up your files, you accidentally deleted your 2016 work plan and budget!

Don’t worry. This is an #IGotSyncplicity by Axway moment.

Those folks in IT were smart enough to see this coming and hooked you up with Syncplicity by Axway. It only takes a couple clicks to find the file you accidentally deleted. Then all you’ve got to do is select restore, and watch the magic happen. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if fixing Christmas lights was that simple?

Tip # 5 – Retrieve a deleted file. Watch this video to find out how to retrieve a deleted file:


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